Kazakhstan, 010000 Astana
Kunayev St. 14, office 221
+7(705) 987-00-00

About Us

NOE KAZAKHSTAN was created with the aim of providing to the European, Asian and South American customers with a service associated to the stands and events market in Kazakhstan.

Because the methods used to build stands in Kazakhstan have merged with European and Asian systems and it has positioned us in the building market as a local company, which offers services that, adapt to our international clients’ needs.

We are fully aware of the complexity of our trade fair parks, the formalities, negotiations and especially, the necessary terms and permits, which comprise one of the most important factors in Kazakhstan exhibition grounds.

Since 2014, our workshops, technicians and organization have been adjusting to the needs of a changing market that is evolving at great speed. We have a commercial and production department that uses different languages, thus enabling us to communicate in Spanish, English and French with our different international clients.

Noe Kazakhstan is part of Noe Group, an international group with wide experience and its own offices in Spain, Russia, China, Brazil, Turkey , etc.

Furthermore, we have associated agents and workshops in the most important cities that hold fairs. We are a partner you can trust for trade fairs and events in our country.